Waltons Installations – Palram Sanremo Sunroom

Before you begin, this building requires a 100% level, solid base of concrete, asphalt or decking at a 90 degree angle to the supporting wall. The support wall height for the sunroom needs to be a minimum of 285cm and a maximum of 310. For this build you will need work gloves, read more

Enjoy the Beauty of the Outdoors in the Comfort of a Sunroom – Designing Spaces

Green technologies are making central air more economical and energy efficient than ever before. Today, we’re educating consumers on the mortgage lending process by bringing potential buyers together with a lending expert. Living on the sunny side of life, we check out read more

🏠 5 TOP DIY Home Renovation projects that will make you MONEY!

– Today! – Huge home renovation savings! (upbeat music) – Hi! I’m the Youtube Deal Guy, Matt Granite. – And I’m Intern Casey. – Intern Casey! – Woo! – I think you’re doing really great so far. – Oh yeah, I’m read more

Making the Most of Your Living Space

On Today’s Designing Spaces, “Home Sweet Home”, unless it’s got mold. We’re on the case! And just in case you need financial advice, we’ve got that too! A history lesson on mortgages. “Here comes the sun.” Personalized sun rooms read more