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Green technologies are making central air more economical and energy efficient than ever before. Today, we’re educating consumers on the mortgage lending process by bringing potential buyers together with a lending expert. Living on the sunny side of life, we check out how sun rooms add a wonderful new space to any home. This is the show all about you and your space. Your home and surroundings. We are designing spaces. Outdoor living, it’s a lifestyle choice many of us enjoy. So, today, on Designing Spaces, we have solutions on how to experience outdoor living year round. What better place to talk about that than in this beautiful home, in the suburbs of St. Louis Missouri? I’d like to introduce you to the homeowner, Karen, and Peggy Kory of Sunspace Sunrooms. Peggy, tell us a little about this space we’re in right now. Well, this is a Sunspace three season room, with the weather master windows, which offers the ultimate in flexibility, so if it’s beautiful outside like it is today, you can open up the window and enjoy the fresh breeze and the air, but if it’s raining or snowy, or get a really windy day, we can simply close up the window and enjoy the room about nine months or more out of the year.

This space is so beautiful. Karen, I can really see you spending a lot of time in here, relaxing or even entertaining. Tell us what motivated you to add a sunroom. My brother had a sunroom and we really enjoyed it, and thought we’d like to have one for our own home. Now, Peggy, let’s say some of our viewers are interested in adding a sunroom. What do they need to know? Well, for example, with Karen, we were able to customize it. She wanted a nice cathedral ceiling. She wanted it to look like her home. She was able to choose how big she wanted her windows, how the front is open, in terms of the view, and ultimately, she can also put a heating or cooling unit our here if she wants to increse the amount of usage on cold and extreme days. Well, my favorite thing about this room is the view. It feels so open and airy. We really like it too. At Sunspace, we have many products to preserve the view, including glass railings.

Also, try and make it easy for the homeowner, so we provide maintenance free products, so they don’t have to do a lot of cleaning or painting or staining. Was so nice meeting the both of you, and I know you’re going to love spending time in this sunroom, but I hear that sunspace has lots of other new and innovative products, so I’m going to go say hi to Larry and find out more about that, and let you ladies get back to decorating. Thank you. Thank you so much. How about these pillows over here? I think that would look great. Put the candles right here. Yeah, that looks good. Larry, so many of our viewers are searching for ways to enjoy outdoor living, especially in places where it’s cold most of the year. What are some other products we should know about? Well, at Sunspace, we really like to say that we’ve got you covered from the ground up. We start with our pre-fabricated, pre-insulated floor system that’s designed for a sunroom to be installed directly upon.

We do manufacturer an aluminum decking system that is water tight and maintainance free. Of course, we have our railing systems, both in a picket and in a glass, and we now have the all view railing that doesn’t have a top or a bottom rail. It’s just glass that expands between the posts. We do manufacture a full line of sunrooms, starting at a screen room, going all the way up through the weather master 3-season room, to an all season room, as well. We do offer them with an insultated roof system that is designed for structure, but also gives the benefit of insulation.

We do manufacture an acrylic roof as well, that is designed to let the light in but block the heat, and for those people that are really trying to control their heat, we manufacture a solar shade system that you still have your view, but it’s designed to block the sun and the heat gain that comes through the windows. Are most of these products available for renovations, as well as new structures? They are. In fact, the weather master window that we use in the weather master sunroom is basically our main staple for going into existing porches and enclosing them, turning the screen porch into a three season room, or enclosing underneath an existing deck.

Well, Larry, these designs are beautiful. Thanks so much for sharing them with us on Designing Spaces. Well, thank you for having me. To see this portion of Designing Spaces again, visit DesigningSpaces.tv (music). (commercials). (music). It’s a big honey-do list, but it’s gotta be done. That’s right. You know we’ll do one project at a time, and we’ll take our time. DIY home improvements. We don’t have all the tools we need to do this. I have an idea. Come on. Do it yourselfers often hit a brick wall when it comes to choosing the tools and equipment they’ll need to complete a project. Renting is the way to go. You get the tools you need, when you need it, and it makes doing it yourself a cost effective alternative to a contractor. A trip to Sunbelt Rentals can answer your equipment needs. Hi, good morning.

Michelle. Tom. Hey, I’m Steve. Good to meet you. We want to create a patio with a gazebo. We’ve got the plans for the gazebo, but we don’t have the tools we need to build it. I think we can help you with that. Let me show you around. Awesome. Great. Now the location that we want to put this patio, there’s an existing slab there, but it’s all messed up, broken up, and stuff. Is there something we can use to get that out of there? Absolutely. We’ve gas some gas concrete cutting saws that we can rent you. Cut the slab into smaller pieces, and get it out of your way. Now, with the gas though, do we have to do a special mixture of gas and oil? You do. We’ll go ahead and give you a tank of pre-mixed fuel so you don’t have to worry about mixing it yourself. Oh, wonderful! So now, we want to paint our house, but I’m worried about how long it’s going to take. This is the tool for your job.

It’s our airless paint sprayer. Is it gas or electric? This is our electric model. Okay, now… dumb question. Where does the paint go? It’s real simple. You lift it up, you put your bucket under the suction nozzle, and you’re ready to go. Oh. Beats a paint brush. Yes. Now, when were setting the posts for the gazebo, do you have a level or something that we can use to keep things straight? Absolutely. We’ve got laser levels, which will help you keep everything level and plumb. Awesome. And rent one of these to chop up all the wood and stuff? This is our portable table saw, but for your project, I recommended you use one of our circular saws. Come on, I’ll show it to you.

With more than 500 locations, in 44 states and western Canada, Sunbelt Rentals is one of the largest equipment companies in North America. With a diverse product mix, do it yourselfers can complete projects, by selecting the right equipment confidently and safely. Here’s the circular saw I mentioned to you. Ahh, nice. Now what is this knob for? That knob is to angle the blade so you can make angle cuts. We’re going to have fun with this. This is going to be great. You guys mentioned you’d be breaking up that concrete slab in your back yard. These are the chipping hammers that will help you finish up your work. We’ve got our stand up models and we’ve got one on a cart if you’ve got a bigger area you want to get done.

And so, I would even be able to handle this? Yes mam. I’m excited honey. It looks good on you. I like the green with the red hair. So, we’re painting the house, building a new gazebo, and laying a concrete slab for a new patio in the back yard. Yes. I’m excited. I think we can do this ourselves. I think it’s going to be great. I really feel like we’re going to get some stuff done now. You know, at first I thought we were being a bit ambitious, but thanks to Sunbelt Rentals, we can do this. For more information, visit SunbeltRentals.com to find a location near you. To see this portion of Designing Spaces again, visit DesigningSpaces.tv, where you’ll also find a link to the Sunbelt Rentals website. Making a space you can call home, living the lifestyle you desire. It’s what we are all about. We are Designing Spaces. For more inforamtion about anything on today’s show, or to find out how to be part of the show, log on to DesigningSpaces.tv You can visit these websites to learn more about the participants on this edition of Designing Spaces.


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