A Solarium Can Heat your Home

Posted on July 7, 2017 By

So we are going to build a solarium here and that will act as a passive solar heater for the house. Construction of the solarium is fairly simple. The clear poly carbonate roof is supported by a metal frame which is mounted on the courtyard and garage walls. Thanks big Dave, great job. Well we have just finished the solarium by adding a large sheet of poly carbonate and already we can feel the warmth in here. It looks like it is going to work extremely well. A key aim of the solarium is to maximise winter warmth being absorbed into the concrete slab on the ground floor. Well, it’s a sunny July day, the outside air temperature is around 13 degrees, inside it is 23 degrees. The solarium really works, that’s a staggering 10 degrees hotter and it’s already starting to warm the house. By opening up the sliding door on the rear of the house and the luvers on the north end of the solarium we allow air in, it warms up and heats the house.

We also increase the heat reaching the polished concrete slab. This heat is then stored in the thermal mass of the concrete helping to keep the house warm after the sun has gone. The solarium is also a very effective passive clothes drier so in winter on those wet washing days we actually save electricity as well..

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